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3ds Max 9 Vray 1.5 Sp2

A set of tools to aid in the daily VRay work.Updated to install with Max 2014.WARNING: there is NO guarantee than any of the tools will work as intended, that they won't break your scenes in dramatic fashion, or skin your cat while you aren't looking.This update comes purely because i needed the Physcam Autofocus for a personal test, and noticed they didn't install or run.Having lost the source code for the encrypted parts, all i could do was to patch fix the (very ugly, with hindsight) installer and individual script launchers.At least the autofocus routines still work in vray 3.0.Feel free to let me know of issues, but also know that without a complete rewrite (quite unlikely), the fixes won't be forthcoming.

3ds max 9 vray 1.5 sp2

Matrix-Weighted Exposimeter V. 1.21 : very similar in principle to that of dSLR, it allows for different weighting of each slice/square in which the image is divided, as well as allowing a different range of pixel brightnesses to be chosen for the exposure (akin to real world lens filters). Entirely customisable for behaviour.Now with auto-white balance and preset manager! From V. 1.16 it supports exposure / White Balance animation through the script. Please note this is not meant to be a frame by frame tool: doing so will result in flickering (like for standard dSLRs) and will likey lead to max crashes due to maxscript memory heap overload. Keep previews small, Nth frame at around 1 second, and go in and refine by hand activating "Auto Key" from the max interface and exposing the problematic areas. The Sample Rate calculator, new with 1.19, is an early attempt at DMC AA optimisation. It will render a sample pass with whatever DMC AA (ONLY!) settings you have, analise the sample rate, and guestimate a new threshold value (AA noise threshold only) so that the BIAS setting may be met (+- 2.5%). The BIAS indicates the pixel brightness average in the sample pass (where 0 is min sampling, and 1 is max sampling). V.1.21 fixes the inconsistencies in vray versions when using QMC (now brute force) as a method for exposure GI.

VRay rendertime infos 1.2: Shows some useful settings while vray is rendering, to allow for easy troubleshooting of scenes that seem to render for "too long", without interrupting the rendering phase Now with material interpolation min/max settings.Added in some GI options (don't render final image, GI modes and so on)

Autodesk 3ds max 2009 modeling and vray 1.5 sp2 rendering.vray render scane Vray materials and texture high quality textures and HDRI inculed.high quality textures 30082000 bump mapwood 2 high quality textures 25601920 color maphigh quality textures 25601920 bump map

one thing that may save you some memory it's switching from world to screen as light cache scale, keep an eye on memory usage while vray calculates it and see if it gets too much. if so using a precaculated one when doing the final render may help.

xp 64 (or any vista 64 for that matter), doesn't have a memory limit so any process can use as much memory as your system can provide (sort of, it actually has a limit but it's very very difficult to get there). of course you also need 64 bit applications, which is not a problem, at least as max and vray are concerned.

I'm having a problem with my max and vray loading up. I had a trial version of vray installed on my computer, and I then tried to update to a newer copy of vray.1.5 sp2. The plugin didnt work so I tried uninstalling 3d max and all versions of vray.

However, when i reinstalled max and started it up, it said it couldnt find the vray plugins, which shouldnt happen because I installed vray and 3dsMax all together. It a brand new install, why is it asking for vray if it shouldnt know that I'm going to even install it. Obv then trying to install the vray pugin doesnt work at all, because 3ds max is looking for some old version of vray license that doesnt exist.I'm using vista 32 bit addition. Does anyone know what the problem is, or how i can get rid of all the 3ds max data so it doesnt try to load vray from the start.thanks-Nick. 350c69d7ab


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