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Cakewalk Boost 11 Vst Plugin: Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Stereo Separation and Channel Processing

CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin: A Review of the Best Audio Effects Plugin for SONAR X3

If you are looking for a plugin that can enhance your audio production with SONAR X3, you might want to check out CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin. This plugin is a transparent peak limiting and volume maximizing plugin that can reduce peak levels without coloring the sound. It can also prevent clipping, minimize pumping, and maximize loudness.


In this article, we will review the features and benefits of CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin, and show you how to use it in your projects.

What is CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin?

CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin is a plugin that comes with SONAR X3, a professional digital audio workstation (DAW) software by Cakewalk. It is designed to improve the quality and loudness of your audio tracks and mixes.

CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin uses a "look-ahead" limiter algorithm that analyzes the audio input ahead of time and adjusts the output accordingly. This way, it can prevent output clipping and distortion, which can ruin your audio quality.

CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin also uses a Program Dependent Release (PDR) feature that adapts to the dynamics of the audio signal. This means it can minimize pumping, which is an audible fluctuation of the volume caused by excessive compression or limiting. Pumping can make your audio sound unnatural and unpleasant.

By using CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin, you can achieve a louder and clearer sound without sacrificing the original tone and character of your audio.

What are the features of CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin?

CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin has several features that make it a powerful and versatile plugin for audio effects. Here are some of them:

  • Look-ahead peak detection: This feature prevents clipping by limiting the output level based on the incoming audio signal.

  • Program Dependent Release: This feature minimizes pumping by adjusting the release time according to the dynamics of the audio signal.

  • Dynamic waveform displays: This feature shows you the input and output waveforms of the audio signal, so you can see how CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin affects your audio.

  • Stereo peak and RMS input/output meters: This feature shows you the peak and average levels of the left and right channels of the audio signal, so you can monitor the loudness and balance of your audio.

  • Operation at sampling rates up to 192 kHz: This feature allows you to use CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin with high-resolution audio files.

  • Mono and stereo operation: This feature allows you to use CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin with mono or stereo audio tracks.

  • 64-bit double precision signal path: This feature ensures high-quality processing of your audio signal.

  • VST Automation: This feature allows you to automate the parameters of CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin using your DAW's automation features.

How to use CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin?

To use CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin, you need to have SONAR X3 installed on your computer. You can download SONAR X3 from

Once you have SONAR X3 installed, you can follow these steps to use Cakewalk


Open SONAR X3 and create a new project or open an existing one.

Add an audio track or select one that you want to apply CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin to.

Go to the FX bin of the audio track and click on the Insert button.

Select CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin from the list of plugins and click OK.

The CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin window will open, where you can adjust the parameters of the plugin.

How to adjust the parameters of CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin?

CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin has two main knobs: BOOST and OUTPUT. You can also access more settings by clicking on the Advanced button.

The BOOST knob controls how much gain is applied to the audio signal. The higher the boost, the louder the audio will be. However, boosting too much can cause clipping and distortion, so you need to balance it with the OUTPUT knob.

The OUTPUT knob controls how much the output level is limited. The lower the output, the more the audio signal is compressed and limited. This can prevent clipping and distortion, but also reduce the dynamic range and naturalness of the audio. You need to balance it with the BOOST knob.

The Advanced button opens a panel where you can adjust more settings, such as:

  • Attack: This controls how fast the limiter reacts to peaks in the audio signal. The lower the attack, the faster the limiter will reduce the output level. However, too fast attack can cause distortion and artifacts, so you need to find a suitable value for your audio.

  • Release: This controls how fast the limiter returns to normal after reducing the output level. The higher the release, the slower the limiter will recover. However, too slow release can cause pumping and breathing effects, so you need to find a suitable value for your audio.

  • Knee: This controls how smooth or hard the transition is between limiting and not limiting. The higher the knee, the smoother and softer the transition. The lower the knee, the harder and sharper the transition. You can adjust this according to your preference and taste.

  • Dither: This controls whether dithering is applied or not. Dithering is a process of adding low-level noise to reduce quantization errors and improve audio quality when reducing bit depth. You can enable dithering if you are exporting your audio at a lower bit depth than your project settings.

How to use CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin in your projects?

CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin can be used for various purposes in your audio production, such as:

  • Mixing: You can use CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin to balance and optimize the levels of your individual tracks or your master bus. You can also use it to add some punch and presence to your mix by applying some moderate boost and limiting.

  • Mastering: You can use CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin to finalize and polish your mix by applying some subtle boost and limiting. You can also use it to increase the perceived loudness of your mix without compromising its quality and dynamics.

  • Creative effects: You can use CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin to create some interesting effects by applying some extreme boost and limiting. For example, you can create some lo-fi sounds by using high boost and low output with Alias Factor plugin. Or you can create some distorted sounds by using low attack and high release with low knee.


CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin is a versatile and powerful plugin that can enhance your audio production with SONAR X3. It can help you achieve a louder and clearer sound without sacrificing your original tone and character. It can also help you create some creative effects by applying some extreme settings.

If you want to try CakewalkBoost11Vstplugin for yourself, you can download it from You can also check out some tutorials and tips on how to use it on

We hope this article has been helpful and informative for you. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. 4e3182286b


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